Limitations of Algorithmic Trading

The keys to successful trading often seem mysterious. One reason that trading might seem difficult is because frankly there are many factors that can impact the markets. The factors that influence the market are dynamic and in a constant state of flux with different factors tending to dominate at different wavelengths and in different time frames. … Continue reading Limitations of Algorithmic Trading

A Visual Quantitative Analysis of RSI using Tradestation and Excel

The traditional way to treat the RSI is to treat low RSI levels as good buying opportunities while treating high RSI levels as selling opportunities. However, we seek to gain fresh insight into the nature of RSI, with an eye toward discovering possible momentum return, by exploring the RSI using a visual quantitative approach. Exporting And Visualizing The … Continue reading A Visual Quantitative Analysis of RSI using Tradestation and Excel

Turbocharge Your Trading

A recent Google study (or read Quartz's summary here) on AI agents showed that AI agents acted aggressively in environments where competition was encouraged but collaborated when the environment fostered collaboration. Trading is ultimately competitive. As individual traders, our primary limiting factor tends to be a lack of capital. There are two basic risks for sharing ideas. The … Continue reading Turbocharge Your Trading

Discover Best Trading Rules with Perceptron Search

Every system developer has a list of rules or indicators that they want to test out. The problem every developer faces is narrowing down that list of indicators and rules to the select few that are best worth focusing on. A quite similar and related problem that every developer faces is having some inputs or indicators that they … Continue reading Discover Best Trading Rules with Perceptron Search