Monthly Archives: November 2017

Nov 27

Future of BTC/XBT?


Both the CME and CBOE have announced they will offer BTC futures in the near future. This is very good news. The ability to trade on a regulated exchange is welcome (although not having free market choice is never desirable).  Many people are speculating about whether BTC is a bubble. However, few participants are considering […]

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Nov 26

Paradox of Predictability

Trader's Mindset

I recognized early on that you must be able to predict markets to profit from them (at least for traditional directional trading as opposed to liquidity provision–even then one must attempt to avoid the jumps). Some people think markets are completely unpredictable. It surprises me still that some traders like to think they can profit […]

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Nov 22

A Quick Way to Develop Your First Graybox

Graybox Trading

I wanted to share a quick way to develop your first graybox. Mike Bella recommends developing a “play book” or list of all your trade setups. In the past, I was reluctant to do this because I am more of a synthesis and implicit learning trader. However, as I’ve considered it over some time, I […]

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Nov 18

Graybox Practicals

Graybox Trading

A graybox system should ideally be designed as a series of systems with subsystems. The subsystems will feed up the predictions while the control system will dictate what trades can be placed. Developing your graybox as a series of modular systems also enables possibilities for creating specific optimized sub systems for execution, for example. The […]

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