Monthly Archives: August 2019

Aug 17

Want to scalp the ES? Try MES

Trader's Mindset

I hear a lot of traders who want to try scalping the ES for a couple ticks. The new traders today have heard of this style but do not understand its origins, when it can work, why it is limiting, when it works best, and why it may not be the best way to trade […]

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Aug 15

The Next AMZN, AAPL, Etc.


Now, historically I have did a minimal of actual stock investing. However, I have decided that I should have some investments separate from my trading work as an additional way to win. I wanted to look at what some of the biggest gaining names had in common, and how one might have identified and captured […]

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Aug 12

Longer-Term Market Outlook


I wanted to identify a few themes I am weighting on the longer term. My basic thesis is that the market will remain bullish until uncertainty around the 2020 election causes a profit taking opportunity. I have not looked at this quantitatively: however, I think the top is likely to be around September 2020. This […]

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