Monthly Archives: July 2017

Jul 25

Coin flips and graybox thoughts

Graybox Trading , Trader's Mindset

It is difficult to imagine a singular rules-based trading system that can accurately capture what expert level discretionary traders do because the expert trader is primarily forward thinking and speculating. Yet, even the expert discretionary trader faces two significant problems. The first problem is that even if one achieves a high accuracy in speculation, it […]

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Jul 04

Sizing Up Part 2

Trader's Mindset

My opinion on trading size… revised Recently, trading psychologist Dr. Steenbarger, in a post at SMB Capital’s blog, recommended that traders think about scaling out, that is diversifying and adding more trade setups, instead of sizing up their best trades. On reflection, I was doing well on my TopStepTrader combine until I took every trade […]

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Jul 01

Technique for backtesting intraday strategies

System Trading

The traditional way to backtest or develop strategies is to take a very long history and run your rules over that history. The objective is to find rules that produce stable or consistent returns. However, I have recently been experimenting with another technique for developing intraday strategies where I load from only a single to […]

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