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Apr 27

Make HFT Work for You?

Markets , Tips , Trader's Mindset

Here’s a question, why are you trading futures? Do you have an edge exclusive to futures? Did you know you can trade stocks commission free? Absolutely free with Tradestation. Do you know how easy it is for any decent scalper to be profitable before commissions versus post commissions? The CME has had a near strangle […]

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Apr 20

Beware: Abnormal Markets

Markets , Trader's Mindset

Today the front month in crude oil went negative for the first time. While, it is reported that other commodities can do that– it was not common knowledge. There are reports that some retail traders bought it near zero and could not liquidate due to system problems. Some traders likely blew out their accounts and […]

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Apr 06

The Secret Power of the Guru

Trader's Mindset

Have you ever wondered a possible secret mechanism that underlies how trading psychologist, coaches, and self-help gurus are able to produce positive change? Have you ever found yourself in a “losing” rut or lacking motivation? In this post, I will share an epiphany that I had and that anyone can use to highly energize ones […]

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Apr 03

The Art Of Losing

Trader's Mindset

Most trading educators would have you believe that consistency is the secret to success. However, the problem with that belief is no one can be guaranteed consistency. It is only an artifact that can be examined in the past. The reality is that successful trading may require losing: over sometimes even prolonged periods of time. […]

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Apr 01

Better Trader vs More Profitable Trader?

Trader's Mindset

Most traders think that becoming better at trading will lead to greater profits. However, as I have learned about myself that being among the “best” in predicting and calling markets does not necessarily lead to great profits. I have, also, started to recognize that being the best trader does not necessarily lead to the greatest […]

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Mar 19

Single Market Scalper Mastery

Graybox Trading , Trader's Mindset

What’s required to master single market scalping? A lot: a whole lot. Before you start, you should know it is the most difficult form of trading to master and requires the development of specialized skills. While not sharing any specific tricks, I will explain what you must develop below. First, you must have the ability […]

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