Monthly Archives: September 2017

Sep 28

Better Systems, Better Discretionary Trading

Trader's Mindset

This blog is dedicated to exploring the concept and ideas of graybox trading. Some traders are excellent at reading and predicting markets. These traders make use of primarily two specific skills that help explain much of their abilities: implicit learning or pattern recognition and market cognition which can be summarized as either (1) understanding how […]

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Sep 27

Bitcoin skyrocketing because of limited supply?


There are some suspect arguments regarding why Bitcoin must rally or must not rally that I’d thought I’d address below: Argument: Bitcoin must rally because the supply is limited. Counter: The problem with this argument is that it is known and has been known since inception that the supply is limited. Markets are forward looking. […]

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Sep 26

Productive vs Non Productive Discretionary

Trader's Mindset

I wanted to share some observations I’ve made regarding when discretionary input can help or hurt the performance of a systematic strategy and in specifically what ways it is likely to do so. First, fear based decision making is most-likely to hurt the performance of your systems. A typical fear based decision is when something […]

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