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Get the source code to start building Advanced Graybox Systems Today!


Technology is advancing. Are you taking advantage of it?

  • Fact #1: 
    People do certain things better then computers. Traders have capability to do certain things better then automated trading systems. Traders can identify general patterns better, respond to unique events, identify cause-and-effect relationships, and develop understanding of relevant market factors.
  • Fact #2: 
    Computers / automated trading systems, can do certain things better then people.  Computers can calculate with blazing speed and precision, execute with algorithmic precision, consistency, and discipline, and identify very specific patterns and conditions. Plus, they have inexhaustible concentration & stamina!
  • Fact #3: 
    Markets are highly competitive, and those who take advantage of emerging technology are more likely to be successful those who do not, in any business. You need to be able to use all of your abilities to trade at your best. If you're just trading with discretion or just trade with systems, you're probably not taking full advantage of all your trading capability. 

Solution: BeyondBot

Use my source code and combine the best aspects of discretionary and algorithmic trading!

Start building automated graybox systems with NinjaTrader 8 and BeyondBot today.

You can add just your core strategy logic while taking advantage of the full suite of interactivity, order management, code re-use, and out-of-box modular capability that I have already built.

Use BeyondBot to template all of your systems and finally start to free yourself from overly rigid systematic trading, self-doubt, and unreliable discretionary methods!

Finally resolve your trading problems by harnessing the power of combining the best of discretion with automated execution and quantitative trading. Combine the best of both worlds with hybrid method. 

BeyondBot will allow you to:

  • Build interactive graybox automated trading systems. 
  • Take full advantage of your years of pattern recognition and the benefits of knowledge that can be gained from backtesting. Discretionary traders tend to do better at generals but lose money when they get specifics wrong. Computer algorithms are excellent when it comes to specifics. On the other hand, automated systems are great at identifying specifics but do poorly when they fail to see the big picture. Hybrid methodology solves both problems.
  • Only allow strategies to trade where you identify opportunity. You can draw regions, right on the chart, where you want to allow your algos to trade. Arm the bots that you want to trade in these zones and go about your business while the computer processes every bar looking for opportunity with unwavering, super-human, and absolute discipline and consistency. And when opportunity is spotted, you get the benefits of lightning fast computerized trading execution. Once in the trade, you have the option to manage the exits based on market conditions. Check the auto-disarm button to have BeyondBot to stop trading after executing trades in your zones of interest.
  • Stop getting chopped up by the bots!  Use your discretion to identify the general market conditions and find patterns. Arm your bots. Even from home, you will be able to execute and take advantage of any pattern that sets up with greater speed and precision then any click trader-- while still retaining all the benefits of your pattern recognition, intuition, and market creativity. 
  • Want to go full-auto? Use my templates to add common logic & functionality to your strategies, saving time, increasing capability, and speeding deployment.
  • Develop entirely all new styles of trading. Only your work ethic and the sky is the limit!

Is This Package Right For You?

BeyondBot is not right for everyone. This is a serious product.

Who is this for

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    You want the source code that will enable you to build highly interactive & functional graybox with greater productivity and ease.
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    You want to take advantage of both discretion and systems trading. Arm strategies and manage the exits.
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    You want to benefit from all future development as I will be prototyping all my strategies off BeyondBots.
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    You are serious about your trading and want to take advantage of new edges and ways of trading.

Who is this not for

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    You want instant gratification. You must edit the source code to build your own strategies. My strategies not included! I've reduced the burden--but some work is required. My code gets you 85% to 95% of the way there-- the last 5% is your responsibility. You will need to add your custom strategy logic.
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    You require lots of support, documentation, hand-holding, etc. I'm sorry but I only have time to provide limited email support. I need to spend my time adding more functionality to BeyondBot and building systems. Sorry no refunds and no license/resell supported because you get the source.
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    You require perfection and polish. While, I think it is already a slick product -- there are always going to be rough edges. The only way I can offer my source code for this price is because I am building it out for myself. My time is better spent building and expanding it out for myself and other serious traders. 


You get all of the following:

  • You get the full NinjaTrader 8 strategy source code. You agree not to redistribute the source code and agree not to building competing commercial products or build/distribute free products using my source code or any knowledge gained therein.
  • Lifetime updates! As I add strategy code to support my strategies, you'll be receiving free updates with those benefits. This frees you up to focus on your proprietary strategy logic and gain from my years of experience.
  • Forthcoming recipe cookback style snippets to make coding strategies in NinjaScript easier then ever. TO DO (forthcoming)
  • Access to exclusive forum, community, and members-only BeyondBot traders. TO DO (forthcoming, not avail. yet)
  • Limited email support. I know there will be some problems, questions, etc. With understanding of very limited support and consideration for my time, I will do my best to help you.

By purchasing, I have read and agree to all Terms of Service. If you have any problems with completing purchase please email and we'll work to resolve. Thanks!

Limited Time Offer! Do not delay. Price subject to increase.

(C) Beyond Backtesting  

Disclaimer: Futures trading is risky and not suitable for everyone. Hypothetical results have limitations. Only trade with risk capital. Please read all disclaimers and terms of service.

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