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Apr 07

Tip: Tradestation Journal + Question

Graybox Trading , System Trading

If you use Tradestation, you have access to a very powerful trade tracking technology: you can use the Tradestation TradeManager Analysis app to generate a Tradestation Performance Summary report for your real money discretionary and system trading returns– and you can even filter to specific accounts and symbols. Some people have reported problems with the […]

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Dec 16

State of Trading Platforms Late 2019, Early 2020

System Trading

Below I briefly review the most popular trading platforms available for active futures traders. Right now, I think NinjaTrader and Tradestation are still the leaders but both platforms still have very basic problems and need significant improvement. NinjaTrader A powerful all-around platform for both system and discretionary traders with many annoying rough edges. This is […]

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Oct 06

Sticky: Quantitative Collaborative- Building Futures Strategies for Today!

Graybox Trading , System Trading

I have keyed on two critical concepts for trading: 1. Environment is paramount to success. Trading requires sustained effort.2. A real, quantitative, edge helps with preservation of psychological capital and helps refine, focus, and scale. Toward that, I am offering the Quantitative Collaborative workspace where I share my actual strategies, source code, graybox strategies, and […]

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