Monthly Archives: January 2019

Jan 21

Quick technique for achieving your goals

Trader's Mindset

I wanted to share a quick technique that you can use to better achieve your goals. First, keep in mind the SMART paradigm when defining your goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. Second, make a commitment to an accountability partner that you will achieve that goal. Third, define penalties that you will face […]

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Jan 19

Improving your system by learning from wins and losses

System Trading

In Murray A. Ruggiero’s “Cybernetic Trading Strategies”, a book that I think was ahead of its time, Ruggiero shared the concept for “nearest neighbor matching” for statistical pattern recognition. The concept was shared in the context of looking for market patterns and market analogs. However, I wanted to share a slight variation on this concept.¬†Instead […]

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Jan 15

Better RSI Entries

System Trading

Mean reversion systems, such as those based on RSI, suffer significant performance degradation when stop losses are applied for risk control. In previous posts, I shared how one could could create more powerful RSI systems by using adaptive periodicity and multi-state regime classifiers. The key idea for better RSI entries is that there may be […]

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