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Jan 01

While not directly related to trading, I know that staying healthy is very important and that trading and other sedentary activities on the computer can lead to imbalance and poor health.

While previously only sharing my favorite product purchases with family and friends, I recognized I could create value by sharing some of the very best health and fitness products I have used over the years, and most importantly that I can personally vouch for.

Keep in mind, I am only sharing my all-time favorite products that I am truly excited about and that have proven their value to me. And, that’s one reason I wanted to share this list because so often, products do not live up to our expectations and do not provide lasting value.

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All-Time Favorite Products: Get Healthy & Feel Great

Concept 2 Rowing Machine
Many years ago, I purchased an entire gym on closeout. While there was a lot of expensive equipment that would not be viable for most home users, I also picked up 2 or 3 ergometers, aka indoor rowing machines.

Several of these machines were well worn, and I had never seen such a machine before. My first thought they were junk and would never sell. They sold at top dollar and sold the fastest of all my equipment! It turns out this was one of the best pieces of equipment that I purchased.

Rowing burns more calories per time then any other exercise, is easy to transport, provides total body workout, and most importantly for me can be used briefly throughout the day to get the blood flowing. I tend to prefer brief high intensity rowing sessions for only 1-2 minutes but you also have the option to do long rows which will burn a ton of calories.

The latest version looks to be the Model E. I use the Model D, mine is not for sell, but it looks this model is still available. You might hate rowing but you cannot go wrong with this equipment and it will last a lifetime.

Vitamix Professional Blender
First, I have to admit that I bought the Vitamix blender in one of those traveling in-store promotions, and I did have immediate buyer’s remorse when I got it home. A $500 blender! However, it turned out to be one of the best values that I have ever purchased, and even when I travel I make a point to lug it with me.

You can use it for making green smoothies, protein shakes, hot soups, and more. It is a really fantastic product for getting healthy. I believe this is the model I purchased, and it does everything I could ask.

Kahuna Massage Chair, SM-7300S 
First, you might wonder if you need a massage chair: if you have fatigue, suffer from computer related back pain or muscle sprain, suffer from leg pain, have foot pain, or feel stressed out to the extent that it distracts you from optimal working productivity or sleep then you can most-likely benefit. Now, the good part is that I have already did all the research on massage chairs. The Kahuna SM-7300s is a great massage chair for big & tall. Frankly, it is the very best massage chair under $3,000 available and is one of the best period.

I can assure it provides as great of a massage experience as the more expensive chairs. There are only a few nitpick worthy things to note such as a remote that is non intuitive. But, even so, this chair provides incredible relaxation and the cost-per-use decreases with every use. This chair supports up to 350lbs, heights up to 6’5, and has a 1 hour session run-time.

I use this chair virtually every day. And, I have been happy with the purchase. However, I knew it was a great purchase when after doing some uncommon work around the house, I was in pretty bad pain. After using the chair for only 10 to 15 minutes, it immediately eliminated 80% of my pain. It worked better and faster then an OTC pain killer. This is easily one of my favorite purchases/products.

The only other chair I would consider is the HumanTouch Novo XT, which I have tried and can vouch for, as well: it is however, much more expensive. Both of these chairs offer the strongest massage experience, which is a big plus in my book, because you can always use additional padding to decrease the intensity but cannot increase the power of a weaker unit.

Total Gym FIT with XL Squat Stand
Because I recognized how well the Concept 2 worked and the track design, I decided to look for similar products. Now, everyone knows that for building maximum strength free weights work best.

However, what about something that is fun, can be used daily, can be used for rehabbing injuries or by the non experienced, builds the core, and gets results with minimal time.

The Total GYM FIT is the best bet with a 450lb weight capacity. You can do assisted pull ups, assisted dips, rows, curls, bench press, squat, ab work, iron cross, flys, and much more with total support for over 85+ exercises. You can add additional weight to the FIT with a barbell too.

What I like is the ability to do compound exercises, that would normally require several separate expensive machines, and how quick and easy it is to get a good workout on it.

At the gym, I noticed that the biggest guys with the strongest lifts were resting and lounging around most of the time in the gym. You see, they were taking maximum rest between sets. Because I don’t want to spend all day at the gym, the way I like to use my Total Gym is to keep my workouts brief– taking only 5 minutes per session and doing several sessions per day. That’s the nice thing about the Total Gym is that you can do a lot of exercises very quickly– without having to change any settings. The multiple sessions per day allows me to get maximum rest between sets and keep my total time working out time to under 15 minutes per day. At the gym, that is 1 or 2 hours minimum– because of the rest between sets.

The Total GYM Fit is their top end consumer unit and is always ranked as the best body glide board. But, let’s be frank– it is expensive and unless you can find it on a steep sale, it is normally overpriced.

However, you can get a refurbished model for an excellent price direct from the manufacturer on Ebay. It’s where I bought mine.

If you use the Concept 2 Rower, use the Total GYM FIT, make healthy shakes with the Vitamix, and track your macros and you will see positive results.

I have seen tremendous results from the Total Gym– very impressed.

Other Approved Products

Ballston Lightweight 81%
Laugh all you want but these Merino wool socks are way more comfortable then cotton socks. Cotton holds moisture. That’s why it’s terrible for extremely cold climates where sweat can freeze and kill. But, cotton holding moisture also makes it poor for warm climates. Wool is a better choice for socks for both. If you wear cotton socks then try these, you will never wear cotton socks again.

1 Body Brain Support
I have found this nootropic works best of the ones that I have tried. Now, honestly I cannot know whether or not it is actually healthy or unhealthy or even whether it really works. But, I feel like it really works, and it is highly rated on Amazon. I take a dose most days. Let me know if you find it works for you too or if you think you have found a better nootropic!

Beet Root Powder
Beet root juice is known to have many health benefits– the most important is delivering nitrates which can improve blood flow and brain function. The other reason I take it is because it makes a most delicious, entirely unique smoothie when combined with frozen wild blue berries, and the Machine Whey Cookies-N-Cream protein powder below.

Cookies-N-Cream Protein Powder
Machine Whey Cookies-n-Cream whey protein is the best tasting cookies-n-cream whey protein that I have tried. Add frozen blue berries and the beet root powder above for something completely unique.

I will be periodically updating this list with the best products that I can personally vouch for. Hope it helps!

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