Alternative Data Sources: Ideas to monitor for geopolitical and currency risk and crypto interest

I share an idea to monitor for possible geopolitical or currency risk by using Google trends to track the change in interest in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. A comprehensive search would need to adjust for other factors such as news events, mining interest, speculation interest, etc. A quick review suggests possible increasing interest from … Continue reading Alternative Data Sources: Ideas to monitor for geopolitical and currency risk and crypto interest

Near-term factors likely to influence BTC

While not normally providing analysis and outlook on this blog, I thought I'd highlight a few factors that may be influencing Bitcoin in the near term. The backdrop has been that Bitcoin managed to put in several higher weekly consecutive closes before negative sentiment, jawboning, expressed by influential investors and technical resistance of 10k led … Continue reading Near-term factors likely to influence BTC

Quantamental Approaches and Focus

My goal for the past several years has been to seek synergistic solutions to enable myself and, perhaps other discretionary traders, to use their existing strengths while taking advantage of the best algorithmic and "quantitative insights". However, only recently, have I learned that there is an actual word for this called the "quantamental" approach. It … Continue reading Quantamental Approaches and Focus

Greater confidence, greater relevance

Both discretionary and system trading offer unique and selective benefits. One of the advantages that discretionary trading offers is the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Trading tactics can be more relevant to the current market conditions at the cost of greater uncertainty (less confidence). On the other hand, trading systems are typically verified … Continue reading Greater confidence, greater relevance

Effort vs Difficult

Great trading is never easy but it should not be difficult. Some traders may not recognize the difference between something that is "effortful" versus "difficult". Trading with effort is a state of trading where one is fully focused but able to accurately read and respond to the changing market. Trading becomes difficult when (1) the … Continue reading Effort vs Difficult