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Help and getting started course for BeyondBot: Automated Discretionary Trading Solution.


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Course Structure

Lesson 1: Overview of BeyondBot Features

Learn about all the great futures that make BeyondBot so powerful.

Lesson 2: Why Graybox Strategies

Learn about the numerous benefits to graybox trading compared to systematic or discretionary exclusive trading.

Lesson 3: How to Build Graybox Strategies

Learn how graybox strategies are unique and learn from my actual trading experiences.

Lesson 4: Recommended Environment Setup

Getting started with your environments

Lesson 5: Beyond Bot Architecture Overview

Get an overview of BeyondBot architecture and understanding of why decisions were made.

Lesson 6: Create Your First BeyondBot

Learn how to structure and create your first BeyondBot.

Important: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers to Common Problems

I recommend you read over all these first as it may save you time. Be sure to read this section first before asking questions. 

Risk Disclaimer

Please read the risk disclaimer.