Lesson 1: Overview of BeyondBot Features

Lesson 1


BeyondBot is an advanced graybox sytem. New features are being added on a regular basis. The following is an overview of functionality supported.

  • Dynamically arm (enable) and disarm (disable) strategies in real-time. Arm longs or shorts and arm specific strategies.
  • Dynamically change tier size based on confidence. 3 tiers supported.
  • Auto-disarm strategy functionality for disarming strategies after N trades
  • Alerts functionality
  • Support for multiple exits. Define and manage up to 3 exits.
  • Dynamic strategy calculated exits, i.e. based on ATR or Bollinger Band with ability to dynamically offset those exits with discretion in real-time. Example, you can adjust a Bollinger Band calculated exit by a few ticks using the Target move. The order will be continually tracked to the strategy calculated exit with the user-defined offset/manipulation.
  • Daily loss limit. You can define a daily loss limit.
  • Time restrictions. Built-in time of day restrictions for all strategies.
  • N consecutive losers. Disable/disarm after N consecutive losers. *This functionality is only working on single entry strategies currently.
  • Auto break-even, auto trail stop, and other exits.
  • Move all targets or individual targets with buttons. Hold down shift click to use "fast move" targets behavior.
  • Restrict trading to regions. Draw a region. Set the tag of the region to Buy or Short for BeyondBot to pick it up.
  • Automatically output all trades to CSV. This is very useful because if you disable a strategy in Ninja, you lose all strategy data. If you can remember, you can export the data from the grid. However, BeyondBot will by default export all data.
  • Why don't we use ATM templates? Because our orders are Strategy orders, you have a direct pipeline from backtesting-> replay and practice-> to live deployment. This is very powerful. You can optimize your BeyondBots using strategy analyzer without requiring any code changes.