Lesson 6: Create Your First BeyondBot

Lesson 6


Okay you're ready to jump and create your first BeyondBot, awesome. 


The method that I'm going to recommend is not the only way. But, I think this is a good way:

  1. Create a new subfolder in your strategies and name it with the chart you will be running on. Example "BeyondBotRangeChart" for range strategies.
  2. Copy all BeyondBot strategies into the subfolder.
  3. Rename all the BeyondBot base partial classes to BeyondBotRange
  4. Remove all order entry logic from strategies you don't have yet but leave the buttons interface so you can expand easily. This will protect you from accidents.
  5. Add properties to your BeyondBot Breakout or Reversal class and start adding your strategy code in the SubStrategy section.
  6. If you backtest on charts, comment out the SubStrategy properties in the BeyondBot base/primary class. If you do not comment it out then you will simply have to re-add the strategy to the chart after each rebuild. You will likely get exceptions and  errors which are not serious but do get annoying after a while.  If you backtest in Strategy analyzer this won't be a problem and you can do your optimizations using substrategy properties.
  7. Verify your strategy logic. You can backtest/optimize/etc.
  8. Use a screen capture program like Techsmith Snaggit to capture your trading settings. I also recommend using a journal software like (1) or (2) OneNote/Treepad/others to document all your strategy ideas and settings. I capture every single trading idea.  I recommend to create a Systems entry and document all your strategy settings in that structure. 
  9. For additional protection, I recommend hard coding in the proper settings and/or changing the default settings to the settings you want to use in the live. This step will minimize errors when setting up strategy and expedite getting up and running after restarts/etc.
  10. When you create your BeyondBot, you must pay close attention to the following settings:
    1. Account. Default is Sim101. Be sure you are on the right account.
    2. Chart. Make sure you are on the right contract with right chart settings. You don't want to be on ES thinking you are trading the MES.
    3. All entries vs Unique entries. If you want to use all 3 exits be sure to select Unique entries.
    4. Synchronize settings. Review and understand these to achieve desired behavior. For production, normally wait until flat is proper behavior but for testing you might prefer other settings.
    5. Chart trader. Open chart trader and choose the desired account if you do not see the orders. It must be set to the account the strategy is running on. You should then set it to hidden and use the BeyondBot buttons for all interactions.
  11. Strategy panel. NinjaTrader has a Strategy panel which can be used to see what strategies are running on what accounts. Highly recommend checking/verifying this.
  12. Note: When closing trades or interacting with strategy, do not use the Chart trader buttons. It will close and disable the strategy. You the BeyondBot buttons to close trades and move targets.