Lesson 4: Recommended Environment Setup

Lesson 4

Setting Up Hyper-V

I wanted to talk a little about environment setup. I recommend doing all trading within a Hyper-V Virtual environment. Hyper-V comes with Windows Professional.  There are numerous benefits including ability to "compartmentalize" your trading box, duplicate it, back it up, etc.

In fact, I highly recommend that you create a Hyper-V virtual machines. First, create your base environment. You will install NinjaTrader 8, Visual Studio, etc. Next, you will copy/duplicate this VM. You will now have 2 Virtual machines. One virtual machine will be your Development & Practice box. You will do all dev+practice in this box. The second box will be your Production box. You will do all live trading in this box.


You will find development benefits from a certain layout while trading benefits from another layout.  Once you start running multiple systems or doing a lot of development work then you will find switching between workspaces is more likely to result in errors. As well, if you need to practice in Market Replay then you would have to disconnect your live systems.

By having a dedicated production box, you can leave your production workspaces and systems running.  I know this sounds like a small matter that could wait until later. However, I think it is really important, and you go ahead and do it now then you can reap the benefits from the start.

Unfortunately, setting up a dedicated Hyper-V is beyond scope of support but information is readily available.

Regarding Windows 10 licensing guidance, we cannot provide licensing guidance and cannot guarantee the following information. However based on my recollections, Windows 10 will usually work within a VM without licensing for around 90 days and will continue to work except you will just lose personalization features. Alternatively, you can install a Windows 10 Dev license or use a signed in account to get personalization.

A Note on Hyper-V vs Vmware.

I recommend Hyper-V over Vmware because Hyper-V runs below the operating system. You may need to enable some bios settings. In performance tests, there were no difference in Hyper-V vs native while Vmware shown significant performance degradation on some types of tasks.


I know setting up multiple virtual machines might feel like work that you could do later but you will thank me when you've completed it-- because your best systems will be running live even when you're practicing and developing. 

Quick tip:

Be careful that you do not connect to your live data in your development environment as your data feed provider may disconnect your live. Two options to avoid problems are to use a Market Replay downloader service and do everything in Market Replay or subscribe to a second data feed.