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Nov 23

Uncommon Trading Method to Crush It?

Graybox Trading

I am going to share an uncommon trading method to crush it. But, first I have to disclose that this method is a new idea that I have only given a few moments thought and haven’t studied or traded, yet. While it should be obviously clear to precede with caution, do be sure to read […]

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Oct 06

Sticky: Quantitative Collaborative- Building Futures Strategies for Today!

Graybox Trading , System Trading

I have keyed on two critical concepts for trading: 1. Environment is paramount to success. Trading requires sustained effort.2. A real, quantitative, edge helps with preservation of psychological capital and helps refine, focus, and scale. Toward that, I am offering the Quantitative Collaborative workspace where I share my actual strategies, source code, graybox strategies, and […]

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Sep 06

The Forgotten Edge: Scalping MES

Graybox Trading

Recently, due to external obligations, I have not had time to do the proper prep work that I require of myself to trade seriously. Even without proper prep work, the e-micros allow me to control my risk and experiment with scalping techniques. As such, I have been scalping with what one might consider more of […]

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May 29

Par tracking and hybrid trading

Graybox Trading

There are several advantages to hybrid methodology, and I identify many of them on my BeyondBot page. However, one advantage is that you have a very realistic par measure to compare your discretionary results too. In my discretionary trading, I always try to imagine a range of outcomes and compare my results to what I […]

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May 25

BeyondBot Everything?

Graybox Trading , Trader's Mindset

A question I ask myself is whether or not I can BeyondBot all my trading insights. In order to answer that question, I have to look at primary forms of discretionary trading edge. If you look at discretionary trading edge then it can only come in a few forms: Below is an expert system for […]

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