BeyondBot Terms of Service

By purchasing you agree to all of these following terms:

  1. You agree not to redistribute source code or build a commercial or free like or competing product.
  2. You agree not to rebrand BeyondBot as your own product. If you are a trading educator and do webinars or make videos, you must never portray the tools as your own and you must provide attribution and referral to us. You are never allowed to distribute a compiled/modified copy for free or charge without a written licensing agreement. Please contact us for licensing arrangements.
  3. You agree to accept responsibility for any losses and hold us not liable for any loss for any reason. You are responsible for all testing and operation of your strategy.
  4. You agree to use this for your personal use only. One trader per license! You may use on as many machines as you own. Proprietary firms & hedge funds must contact me for multi-license & professional arrangements. Please report any violations for possible reward.
  5. You agree to non-refund. No refunds for any reason.
  6. You understand that custom programming is required to take full advantage of BeyondBot. You understand custom programming is NOT included and support is limited.
  7. You understand this is an early stage product designed for professionals with minimal documentation, support, etc.
  8. You agree that we have right to modify and make changes to these TOS as we see fit without notification on your behalf.