Million Token Moon Shot Strategy


Jul 09

About 2 years ago, I shared a dead simple strategy to beat all the smart fancy pants professionals where I said simply, “buy Microsoft and buy more when it drops”. That strategy turned out to be really powerful. But, you have to execute! And you have to keep executing well to get the nice returns. I did run that strategy but somehow I was out of the market when the big gains happened even though I predicted the big rise this year (called it privately). Really, it wasn’t that difficult because many analysts had targets and Nvidia had already shown what was possible.

I have never bought a moon shot token until now. But, I have recently got onboard the Million token train. Some highlights that appealed to me were:

  • 1 Million fixed supply makes it truly deflationary
  • Backed by $1 million so in theory a $1 floor. I had thought of doing something similar. Reward to risk payoff asymmetrically increases as we approach the floor. As long as the backer keeps this floor, this thing can pump many times.
  • Techlead creator has over 1 million Youtube followers. If only 5% of his Youtube followers eventually decide to hold $4,000 worth of tokens, it yields a market cap of 200 million or $200 per coin. That’s an approximate 20x from current levels.
  • Techlead creator is ex-Google, ex-Facebook. This gives credibility and makes it more likely to be a longer lasting project.
  • Good distribution among accounts– no mega-whales like Doge and not inflationary.
  • Still early in game
  • Limited supply and being held by millionaire may give it an aspirational quality
  • Use case is pure speculation but the properties are better then many other tokens for appreciation.
  • Most fund managers and professionals wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole because they would look foolish and stupid to lose money on a “moon token”. Plus, they cannot deploy hundreds of millions without moving the price. This is an edge for those who do not care about looking foolish or stupid. Look how “stupid” Doge was to appreciate given that it had huge supply and was massively deflationary— and yet some people made millions.
  • Doesn’t require it’s own network and miners as it runs on Ethereum.
  • Relative value across the “board” over many metrics compared to other “moon tokens”.

It trades on Uniswap which uses an automated market maker. This might be a preview of the future. I could not figure out how to use a limit order. I guess you can use a bot to monitor the price and there might be some services to do that. I just bought some outright and am testing providing liquidity through the liquidity pool. I do not really understand it but it sounds like a pro-rata type of fee distribution based on the percentage of the pool your stake represents.

Because of the early stage and purely speculative nature, I don’t think it makes sense to use a stop loss. So, I am prepared to lose 100% of my capital, and I think that’s the mindset you have to have on something like this. However, I see the payoff off potential as up to 4x to 20x.

I think on something like this if you speculate you have to be prepared for total loss. You put your stake in and move on because there is a high probability of failure. You do not want to get emotionally invested as a trader. If you want to learn more then checkout the official site:

Be sure you have the right hash when transacting. Only the hash is unique and there is another similar token which has no affiliation. If you use the link from the official site you should be good.

You can also track the number of holders and their percentages below. Ideally, we need to see the number of holders increasing and volume come in to see appreciation:

And, a technical chart:

If nothing else, I will have learned and use some of the “Defi” that everyone talks about, and it might be worth purchasing a trivial amount just to learn how it works. To be sure, I hold more than needed for educational purposes. While one possibility is that it plays out in a technically similar way as a pump and dump– there is that moonshot opportunity. I categorize this as a purely speculative trade idea but I see potential for technical opportunity too.

Disclaimer: The author holds Million token, at time of writing, for speculation and education purposes.

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