How to: Windows 10 Virtual Desktops for Trading


Apr 18

In the past, I have recommended using Windows 10 Hyper-V virtualization for managing trading work systems. Virtualization has many inherit advantages: it allows one to snapshot, pause, and switch among trading environments. I still consider it the superior method. However, Windows 10 virtual desktops is a lighter alternative method for managing your trading workspace on an always-on desktop PC.

Virtual desktops allow the trader to keep up a dedicated desktop just for trading while also allowing other desktops to created for other purposes. This may be especially useful for NinjaTrader which incredulously still lacks basic windowing management.

The way to get this setup is first right click on the task bar and make sure show, “Show Task View button” is enabled. You should see the button that looks sorta like a film strip: . Clicking that button brings up a screen where you can create multiple desktops. You can drag/drop applications between desktop. You can flip among the windows by pressing Windows-Ctrl-Left and Windows-Ctrl-Right or by through the taskview by clicking it or pressing Windows-Tab.

Update Tip: Also, one can run a Hyper-V and place the Hyper-V window on a dedicated desktop and switch between it and the others. In this, way one can preserve your NinjaTrader layouts. Of course, NinjaTrader really needs to come out with a compelling Window management system– given all the competition from Tradestation, CQG Web Trader, Tradingview, and others: if they want to continue to remain relevant.

Hope it helps.

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