Finally A Web Browser For Traders & Power Users


Apr 14
Vivaldi For Traders

Are you still using Chrome? If you are a power user or a trader, you should definitely check out Vivaldi. Upgrading from Chrome to Vivaldi feels almost like an operating system upgrade. Vivaldi supports the ability to “tile” your tabs into various grid layouts, similar to how trading software tiles charts: there is also a nifty ability to put web pages in a side bar– excellent for Gmail or apps. The best part is that it is based on the Chromium open source engine that runs underneath Google’s Chrome browser: so all the standard Chrome extensions already work!

Check it out at Vivaldi and check out the getting started videos.

Quick tip, you do not need to create a tab stack to tile tabs, instead you can just control-click the tabs that you want to tile and then right click-> tile tabs.

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