You Already Know What To Do

I use a visioning exercise where I imagine how my trading at my best might be different then it is today. I find this technique to be an extremely powerful technique. The fact is that most traders who pursue their craft with dedication and seriousness know the steps they need to take to become more successful. They just have blocks that prevent them from taking those necessary steps. One reason it is difficult is that sometimes to go forward that we have to take a step back.

The visioning exercise is to imagine how your trading would look like, in the future, as a more successful trader. It is important not to have any restrictions when one does this exercise. The sky is the limit. You may, also, imagine unique “clusters” of success. Once  we have a crystallized vision of success then we can start to work to focus on achieving the most important elements within our capability.

Success is the result of clear vision and sustained intense focus.


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