Seeking trading / developer partner?

I have a passion for trading, and I am a professional software developer but I simply have too much programming work to develop all my ideas. Are you a professional software developer or trader interested in learning how to develop trading systems or graybox / quantamental tools to aide discretionary trading? Focus would be on futures and Bitcoin. This is not position but rather an offer of exchange where you get my best ideas, edges, yes even systems, and market insights in exchange for helping me to develop my ideas.

You would be working on a mix of research, proprietary indicators and tools to help with discretionary and systematic trading of futures and Bitcoin, and trading systems.

Ideal partner will be an experienced developer with experience developing systems and indicators in Ninjatrader 7 and Ninjatrader 8, have experience in Tradestation’s Easylanguage, and an added bonus would be experience in Python in ML. Partner will have a strong passion for markets and interest in trading real money using systems and/or mixed discretionary approach.

Some of the types of work I have to do are:

  1. Upgrading indicators from Ninjatrader 7 to Ninjatrader 8
  2. Helping me to get Bitcoin and other data data into Tradestation and Ninjatrader
  3. Running studies to test and look for unique edges
  4. Processing my trade logs for analysis / possible ML analysis
  5. Developing specialized graybox software to assist with trading futures using mixed discretionary/quantamental approach.

You would be able to trade any systems or edges I share with you. However, I would retain all IP and would maintain exclusive right to offer systems, paid indicators, etc. In most cases, I would be able to provide very specific and detailed instructions as to what needs to be developed. As a strong software engineer/developer myself, we would be able to collaborate.

Contact me at with a brief bio including your development background, trading background, time you can spend per week, and what you hope to get out of such a relationship.


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