Some of my current graybox tools…

Graybox Trading

Jun 20

In this post, I wanted to share a few of my graybox tools that I’m currently using in my active futures trading. My setup is still very much a work-in-progress. As a tape reader, I use my AlphaReveal software which gives me key insight into the market micro-structure:


Beside AlphaReveal, I have Tradestation running. On Tradestation, I have several proprietary indicators. One of my newest creations is a scrolling heat map style indicator that surfaces the bias of several proprietary indicators. The X axis values do not mean anything. I am only looking at the mix of red and green bars. This is a new indicator and one that I plan to add  additional signals to in the future. As well, I plan to remove any the signals that do not increase value. This indicator is useful because I can read it at a glance, which is important to me:

heat map scalper dots

Below is an indicator I developed which shows me the dollar range of any given market. I find this helpful for getting a general idea of the market’s trend and nature. It is nothing too proprietary but very useful nonetheless. This is one I may release in the upcoming premium section in the near future:

daily equity histogram

Beyond that, I have several additional proprietary indicators and a couple systems providing signals. I am constantly seeking to eliminate anything that doesn’t add value to my setup while constantly seeking new tools that yield superior value.


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